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There's an Easy Fix to the Mental Health Crisis?

When this is our mental toughness, any one of us can make the decision at any moment to go back up and over to the other side of the mountain where our most painful feelings, our biggest fears, the trauma we buried, have lost their power over our lives.

My Husband's Ex-Wife is Like a Sister to Me

At first, I invited my husband’s ex because I wanted the holidays to be easy on the kids, but as years passed and we repeated the ritual, she became so central to my holiday that it would feel like my sister wasn't there if she was not at the table.

Navy Veteran & Sexual Assault Survivor Launches #BingingSober

#BingingSober aims to redefine mental toughness and sobriety as co-antidotes to escapism.

Sweet Quiet Control

We are all responsible for what we experience in every moment.

Romance in 3 Easy Steps

The simple steps to designing your very own course to everlasting romance.

A Fairytale in Combat Boots

I gained control over what I could control and I focused upon that, and only that. It was efficient, simple logic, and to me, it was pure magic.

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