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What is #BingingSober?

#BingingSober is a practice that I've used to manage mental health challenges for two decades. It focuses on the value of taking time away from intoxication via mind-numbing, unhealthy escapism in all of its forms - including alcohol, social media, processed food, and more - rather than permanently abstaining from any single habit. The practice emphasizes the replacement of toxic escapisms, or the overuse of potentially toxic escapisms, with natural escapes to support lifelong change and improvements in quality of life.

"Escapism is the single biggest threat to the health of our society and the #1 cause of the current mental health crisis."


Identify your go-to escape methods and how they impact your wellness and your energy for life.


Balance your energy with purpose by using your tailored point system as a blueprint for living well.


Practice and improve self-regulation over escape methods slowly and intentionally by embracing a more natural, sober state of mind.

Turn habitual escapism into purposeful, conscious escape and gain control of your life and wellness.


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