The Trauma Therapist Podcast

Getting Back In The Game with Colleen Ryan-Hensley.

The Trauma Therapist Podcast

Colleen Ryan-Hensley talks with Guy McPherson PhD on his Trauma Therapist  podcast cover art image

A great conversation with Guy Macpherson, PhD, from The Trauma Therapist Project. We talk about BingingSober and the mental and physical toughness that helped me persevere during my time in the Navy. While my mental and physical toughness It was the perfect combo for being a great sailor, it was not so great for building healthy relationships, and my overall wellbeing. After I left the Navy, I spent a tremendous amount of time peeling the decades of toughness away to reveal the woman inside.

Being tough can protect you from trauma. It can harden you and make it possible for you to get through traumatic experiences or hard times in your life


at some point, you've got to do damage control and remove the shell around you. If you don't, it will cause relationships with others and the relationship with yourself to suffer.